A Conversation between Muslims & Christians…

Recently a letter was composed by 138 Muslim scholars written to Christian leaders.  You can read an initial article from the New York Times HERE.  

It is very important that we realize not all Muslims are terrorists, any more than we would want to be associated with the Baptist church in Topeka, KS that is so hate-filled and ungodly in their approach to a public “witness.”  That said, there should be peace on grounds that we can find peace. However, it is becoming awfully tempting to find peace on religious / theological grounds that are frankly impossible.  
The most current trend, even among some missiologists, is to link Yahweh God with Allah, saying that we worship the same God, just with different names.  There really is no attempt to liken Muhammad with Christ, necessarily, but as we stated at the beginning of our study in the gospel of John, if you get Jesus wrong…you get God wrong!
As we stated yesterday, again, the only way to rightly deal with sin is to bring Christ into view.  John 1:14 states that He is FULL of grace and truth and these are not two opposing tensions somehow magically brought together in Christ.  Jesus fully embodies them both at 100%.  We must be gracious without compromising truth and we must speak truth all the while with grace.  
Here is a good summary and response by John Piper on the subject.  It’s a little bit longer video, but well worth it.

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