Voddie Baucham is NOT Coming…

Sadly, Voddie will not be with us January 27th.  There was a scheduling conflict that just came to light this week.  He expresses his apologies and is genuinely sorry he’ll not be with us.  We will work on a time in the not-too-distant future to get him here.  As much as I love spending time with him (as does Elizabeth, our 4 year old), I am sorry for your sake.  Hopefully you all will be blessed with hearing him one day soon.

In the mean time, I had been praying about the preaching order leading up to Easter, hoping to preach John 10:11-21 on Easter Sunday, but was off by one week, which would have been fine.  However, now I will be able to bring that message to you on the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Christ!  If you are curious why I had hoped to preach that text, go to it and read.  I trust God’s hand in all this both for myself and the congregation. 

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