Hot Topics!

Last Wednesday evening during our Gathering, I asked for people to write down a hot topic / doctrine to be discussed in upcoming weeks during our Wednesday night gathering from 6:00-6:30 PM, prior to our FUSION classes.  At this time I have 53 topics to cover.  Now, I will group these together to find some themes for discussion.  Others I may just blog on them, so you may want to check regularly for some comments on these hot topics.

I have subjects from Mormonism, Materialism, Calvinism and other -isms!  Questions regarding the faith of presidential candidates and the death penalty are also included.  What about the Trinity?  That’s on there too.  Oh yes, there is the question of women praying with their heads covered; women teaching in the church; and the church’s position on divorce, remarriage and homosexuality.  Wow!  This should be fun and enlightening.

Now, this Wednesday we will start about 3 Wednesdays of mission reporting from Christmas break trips to Mexico, southeast Asia and Kenya.  You will not want to miss our Gathering @ 6:00.  As well, come ready to meet in your classes for the first time.

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