Family Worship Doesn’t Have to Intimidate!

I’m sure it’s partly due to my position and partly my personality, but most people consider me to have things clicking on all cylinders (spiritually) all the time.  The truth is, I struggle (church code for “fail”) with the same things you do to varying degrees.  The key is the fight.  We must battle for the gospel to be the most lasting, satisfying joy possible in our lives.  I like the fight, I just don’t fight like I should.

The greatest battleground is in our own homes.  I believe that because the weapons we wage war with are to be spiritual and not carnal, we must fight this battle establishing a fortress of Family Worship.  However, to many family worship is very intimidating.  It doesn’t have to be.  I will write more on this in the near future from my own experience and perspective, but for now, below are two great links to aid your family worship experience:

How Piper Does Family Devotion

Online Hymnbook

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