What Motivates Us?

I have a few thoughts and feelings that have been crashing together this past week.  One is the joy of preaching the whole counsel of God to a body of believers who are willing to listen to even more difficult doctrines like election as articulated in John 6.  Another is a sense of wasted time.  

Even as I write this I cannot help but know that I lack Pauline-like contentment.  I have gadgets, watch tv with my wife, ride a motorcycle and through it all wonder often what is okay and what is waste.  The truth is I want nothing more than Christ and not the world.  How that looks often comes through in how tightly we grip such things.  When God demands these things of us, will we throw a fit or joyfully release with the hopes of more firmly embracing the all-satisfying Savior?

As all of this comes together, I found the following video that seemed to help simplify some thoughts of mine and questions of others.  Essentially, what should motivate us?  Whether your Calvinistic or not…whether you have gadgets or a knitting passion…whether you ride motorcycles or bicycles… WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION?

Here’s what John Piper has to say, and it is good:

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