Support for College Missions

This Saturday is the final home game of the year against South Carolina.  If you are planning to attend the game, I encourage you to park in our lots and donate at least $10 to our collegiate ministry mission efforts.  Not only will you not just be “paying” for parking, you’ll help financially support college students who will be heading to both Kenya and China over Christmas break.  To say “thanks” there will be a shuttle service provided to get you very close to the stadium.  I used it last time with Anna and Elizabeth and it was very easy and quick.

One thought on “Support for College Missions

  1. Or, even if you aren’t going to the game, or if you are but are parking elsewhere, it’s always good simply to give when there is a need and expect nothing in return but that which your Father gives. Ten bucks isn’t much if you can afford to go to the game. 🙂

    Go Hogs!


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