Upcoming Wednesday Nights…

In follow up to the previous blog, I want to challenge those of you not involved in our Wednesday night activites (Fusion) to get involved. It is amazing what this time is accomplishing in the lives of so many. From a family meal that is crazy and crowded (selling point?) to the 25 minute Gathering at 6pm to the class offerings, many people are connecting in ways that they’ve not connected before. In fact, I want to encourage you that if you’ve not committed to Wednesday nights to try it out and NOW is a great time. Even if you can’t make it the meal and feel awkward coming into classes toward the end of the semester (of course you’d be welcomed), then just come from 6:00-6:30 in the sanctuary for our gathering. We sing a bit, pray and have a time of testimony or teaching, all in just 25-30 minutes.

This next Wednesday is our Wild West Fall Fest, so all of the normal Wednesday night activities will be suspended for this outreach event as an alternative to regular Halloween activities. Bring your own kids, their friends and your grandkids. Church body, again I encourage you to be aware of those around you and engage in conversations. How great would it be that on a night when so many will be reveling in “slasher” movies all about death that someone may come to take of the Bread of Life (Jesus Christ) and never be hunger (or thirsty) again!

The following Wednesday nights in November, I will be continuing a very short teaching series on church membership during that gathering time (6-6:30). So, if you have not been here, or even if you come after the gathering, make a point to be there for our gathering times because these are matters regarding membership at UBC that you’ll want to understand and be a part of.

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