Some Observations & Updates…

First of all, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I would claim it’s the new addition (Lydia), but I have an incredible wife who does an incredible job at being “mom” that I think I’m just tired at the idea of the third daughter (meaning, I’m sleeping pretty well).

Expository Preaching Underscored

Click HERE to read an article on a recent chapel message at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by Kent Hughes, Pastor Emeritus of College Church, Wheaton, IL.

I have so far to go in being a better / more faithful expositor of the scriptures, but I am thankful that even with frailty, the perfect Word will accomplish God’s purposes in you all.

Bikes, Blues and BBQ!

I want to encourage you to visit a display this week in the Zone’s parking lot. We have an evangelistic emphasis going 24/7 during this week when an estimated 300,000 will flood Fayetteville’s streets. Be kind and bold…just don’t touch the leathers!

Update on Church Council and Church matters

The church voted to amend the language of our Articles of Incorporation at our previous church conference. This provision allows us to (re)insert an article in our Constitution and By Laws that will allow us to amend our constitution in a timely manner, without having to conduct business on Sunday mornings during the worship service, which our Constitution already discourages. Now, our task is to present to the body the Amendment article to be added to the Constitution. We’ll present this at the next Church Conference, but will not act on it until the following Conference, most likely in January.

I say all this just to encourage you that the staff and council are doing faithful work on your behalf and our desire to let you know what is forthcoming is strong. We will keep this very straightforward and understandable. Our next conference is November 14th.

Deacon Ordination

We will be having a Deacon Ordination Service @ 4:00 PM on Sunday, October 7th. The men to be ordained are as follows: Joe Fries, Rob Ahrent, Clay Morton, Danny Proffit, Kevin McCollum, Phil Tugwell, Reagan Binns.

2 thoughts on “Some Observations & Updates…

  1. It sure would be nice if these men were introduced to the body on a Sunday morning, along with a short biography for each man provided with the worship guide, so that we might make a contection and get to know the men. There are several of the men that I simply don’t know. Or I might, given some info or a face.
    Just an idea.
    Beverly Smith


  2. That’s a good suggestion, Beverly. Thanks for your comment and we’ll make note of this as a staff to make sure we do that during times of deacon appointments. As well, I’ll see if there’s an appropriate venue to introduce some of these men soon. Blessings.


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