Some Very Real Ministry Needs…

ATTENTION ALL UBC MEMBERS (and those in the process of joining)!

Due to some real growth, especially families, we need some more volunteers immediately in the following areas:

Extended Session Childcare

We need 44 volunteers to help with extended session during the worship service. If we have 44 volunteers each person will only need to serve TWICE each YEAR! This is not only helpful to you, but it helps our very limited staff to participate more often in the worship service. Please contact Bev Worley if you are willing to serve. This is a ministry area that does not demand a real calling or giftedness with children. Simply a love for kids and your fellow church member would suffice.

Youth Workers

Last night we had 71 students involved in Wednesday night, which may not sound like a ton to you, but we had FIFTEEN 8th grade boys alone! Most of our growth in the student area has been in middle school / junior high. The future looks very good with our reach to these younger youth, but we need more volunteers on Wednesday night in particular. I would say that we especially need a small army (special ops) of men. Do you remember how tough being an 8th grade boy was? We have the chance to help them grasp the deep truths of scripture at an early age that they may follow Christ during what many consider to be tumultuous years. Contact Richey Miller for more information.

Parking and Greeting

We have a great crew of Parking and Greeting volunteers, but could always use a few more. Contact Garey Baxter for more information.


Ladies Prayer Time: Saturdays @ 8:00 PM in the Sanctuary (enter the front doors by the fountain)

Men’s Prayer Time: Sundays @ 8:30 AM in the Legacy Room (just off the foyer)

In all of these things, let us remember that the church is the congregation, not the building or institution. When you serve God through UBC, you are serving the body of Christ, His redeemed, and ministering to those who come into our midst who do not know Him and are not yet part of His bride.

I love even the thought of UBC and the people that make her up. May God richly dwell in our presence as we seek to fulfill our PASSION…

GLORIFYING God by TREASURING Christ above all things and REACHING others that they may find lasting joy in Him!

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