Thoughts from Labor & Delivery

As Jan and I are waiting here this morning we have reflected on a few passages as we wait. First of all, Psalm 138 & 139, which are great to read together. Psalm 138 speaks of thanksgiving and Psalm 139 of the deep residing trust that comes from resting in the God that intricately creates life and knows us through and through. These chapters are so uplifting and God’s glory is the resounding aim of them both.

But there is a “flip side” to God’s glory. As we approach the arrival of “Lumpy” (not knowing the sex or real health of the baby) we realize the uncertainty that accompanies the gratitude and trust. In this our hearts are drawn to Habakkuk 3:17-19. Here, Habakkuk rejoices in the Lord regardless of the results of his labor, realizing it is all in the Lord’s hands. The ultimate statement of trust comes in verse 18, “yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.” There is so much behind the “yet” in this verse and the rejoicing is in the treasure that God is, not the treasures that He gives. If we know Christ, and are known by Him, then regardless of what comes our way, we have cause to rejoice because our greatest cause of rejoicing is Him!

Gotta go!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from Labor & Delivery

  1. She is very beautiful. Thank goodness you have another daughter that looks like her mother!! Congrats to the both of you. We’ll be praying that she grow up just like her sisters and parents with a passion for know Him more. Im so thankful everything went so well. God has blessed you both with another child!


  2. Our heartiest congratulations to you both on the birth of little Lydia Michelle!
    “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His reward” (Psalm 127:3). Praise the LORD for a safe delivery and a healthy child!


  3. DEAR MIKE and JAN,
    “Lumpy” turned out to be beautiful LYDIA. Congratulations to ALL of you and her sweet sisters, Anna & Elizabeth. Happy Hearts to all 5 of you! Rich blessings from
    Above, for a lifetime! (I have a cousin in California, whom I love dearly, whose name is Lydia. Glad to see it revived. G.) ~ We have sent similar messages several times; somehow they didn’t get posted.


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