3 thoughts on “Recovery of Biblical Worship…

  1. I was with a group of people tonight and we were discussing our new Bible study topic: Romans. One gentlemen asked, “So what’s the theme behind this study, are we just going to study the Bible?”

    It made me realize how much our churches have grown accustomed to utilizing “concept books” with some verses mixed in to teach their people.

    How sad…..

    What greater book is there than the Bible.??

    It seams that our worship services have suffered the same “concept” driven fate…

    I for one look forward to coming to church every Sunday knowing I’m going to get a big “dose” of God’s word.

    In Christ,



  2. What can we do to encourage our brothers and sisters to seek a true understanding of worship? It seems such a touchy subject and the “NEW” model of worship already seems so entrenched in our midst.


  3. GJ,
    I believe that understanding worship centers around recapturing expository preaching (preaching through the text where the meaning of the text is the meaning of the sermon). Every understanding of biblical worship, I believe, flows out of both the benefits of expository preaching and the corporate body agreeing that the proclamation of scripture is the primary reason they have gathered for worship. I honestly cannot overstate this.

    We cannot be arrogant in our churches that embrace exposition. We need to be encouraging and prayerful of other churches around us, without exacting judgment. We can begin by encouraging and praying for pastors to introduce exposition, pastoring the people faithfully along the way (expository preaching usually is more intense and longer in length). I don’t think I’m a very good model of easing into the lengthier message, but part of that is knowing the climate of the local church and her readiness for such things. I believe our local body has been exceptional in embracing this direction and are feeling the benefits.

    Thanks for your comment.


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