First night of FUSION…

What a night! It was very busy and there was lots of buzz. I just wanted to write a very simple note to you all to say “thank you” to our leaders and I appreciate the body of Christ at UBC for your incredible openness to so much change at one time and embrace it with joy! As well, the staff has been stellar in all of this. They have been a blessing to me.

I know that many are fatigued, but I rejoice in that weakness (in all of us) because I sense that more of you are taking your joy in God in your learning and participation. Continue your patience and anticipation as we work out the kinks in the schedule and strive to be good stewards of your time.

As well, our Sunday morning sermon series is turning out to be a real blessing to many. Many of you are seeing that although the ministry plan is new it represents some very foundational biblical principles for the New Testament church. To prepare for this week’s message, I encourage you to read Acts 1-8 (yes, the first eight chapters). As you do so, answer the question, “What makes a church a REACHING (missions-minded) church?”

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