What a Blessed Day!

I had a great day in worship alongside my church family. It was such a blessing to see so many college students in the service. I had some very meaningful comments following the service and at lunch. I was recharged today in my passion to see students find their greatest treasure in Christ and their greatest joy in seeing others treasure Christ. Church, drive by campus this week and pray for students and see if God does not radically grip your heart with not only the students themselves, but also the world that is represented right in our own back yard.

FUSION begins this Wednesday…

Also, remember that FUSION begins this week. If you’re not sure about your class selection or the schedule, we have that up on the website. Click HERE to get the main information you need. As always, call the church office if you have any questions.

Family Worship Guide…

It is my hope to have the Family Worship Guide up this week on the website. Please check back toward the end of the week for this resource. As a reminder, the guide is simply a suggestion for constructing a family worship experience following a meal together on Sunday evenings. Of course, you can use it anytime during the week, but we are exhorting our families (particularly dads) to spiritually lead their homes after eating together on Sunday evenings as a family and read the Bible, sing, share and pray together. Our hope is that once our families taste this just on Sunday evenings, that other evenings will follow on your own accord.

A Baptist Catechism (used by Spurgeon and Piper…and me, but that feels a little weird to add to the list!) is now available for download / printing on our website HERE.

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