A Link to aid your Home Worship Experience…

After our rich time together this morning, I wanted to give you all a link to a unique music source. Indelible Grace is a group that puts ancient hymns to new music, and they do so without changing the essential tune, which I think best serves the body of Christ. You can preview most of their music in their Store online. Some of these hymns have not been in mainstream hymnbooks for over 100 years. There really is some good stuff here, so I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “A Link to aid your Home Worship Experience…

  1. FYI… I have 2 of their CD’s and have really enjoyed helping support their project. It’s so refreshing to see Christians making really good art!

    My personal favorite is Sandra McCracken’s “The Builder and the Architect”.

    The other one I have is “Beams of Heaven: Indilible Grace IV”… I don’t like it nearly as much, but others may have a different opinion.


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