Upcoming New Sermon mini-Series…

The Messages

Starting this Sunday we will be taking a 5-week break from our current series in John in order to rally around our “Passionate Pursuit” as a church. These messages will begin with a message introducing a new Passion / Purpose statement for the church and continue with the biblical basis for our ministry plan, which helps us live out our ministry passion. This will make a lot more sense in weeks to come. So, I implore you to be there and pray for me as we are unified as a church in our biblical purpose and passion.

The Nature of the Messages

Each message will focus on a particular passage, and they will be expository in nature, but the series itself will not be expository in nature. Expository preaching, where the meaning of the biblical text IS the meaning of the sermon, is the best regular diet for the local church…at least that is my firm belief. So, even when our messages are little more topical, I still seek to make each individual message expository in nature. None the less, it will be a little different, but for the purpose of the series it will be best.

Upcoming Messages

On September 9th I plan (Lord willing) to do a “summary” message on John 1-4 leading into September 16th, which will begin our look at John 5 as we continue our series “Who is Jesus? A Study in John“. I am considering another break from John in December to preach through Advent messages. I ask you to pray for my wisdom in what the Lord would have me do in serving you all with the proclamation of the Word.

Lastly, if you’ve not caught up with recent blogs, please scroll down and make sure you are up to date.

His Grace…His Glory,
Pastor Mike

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