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Below is a very intruiging video clip from the animated series “King of the Hill.” I am not endorsing the show or the views in the clip (although I more than giggled a few times). I just find it interesting how near the “truth” this secular adult cartoon gets when it comes to how (and what) many people think in looking for a new church experience. Your comments would be welcome.

2 thoughts on “Church Shoppin’…

  1. Mr. Lumpkin –

    I live in Indian Trail, NC. I spent my first 29 years hating God before hearing a call in 2004 in downtown Charlotte. After my experience, I went to a church in Charlotte for about 4-5 weeks. The experience was similar to what is in this clip in substance, but not quite as over the top as this. The head pastor also has a radio show during which I have heard him making compromising comments and sounding very ecumenical on several occasions. His sermons were informational, but he seemed more inclined to ‘soul-saving’ rather than growing his flock spiritually. He seemed content to stick to milk rather than graduating to red-meat. He was also interested in ‘church-planting’ and often seemed to brag about his new congregations, and even creating a Saturday service so that male parishioners can enjoy NFL games on Sunday. He stressed the goal of his church to be ‘Christ in Culture’ rather than being antagonistic to carnal culture, which the Bible preaches very clearly. There was a lot of hand waving, jumping, ‘experiential spirituality’ with closed eyes and supposed ecstasy when the modern rock-style music reached crescendo. I mostly observed and after the first week dodged the repeated membership requests and ‘altar-calls’ before deciding this was a very sick and deceived church. The 4 or 5 services I went to were exactly the same in substance…or lack thereof. I was hugely disappointed and since then have shied away from Church entirely and prefer to read the Bible and have begun writing essays on deception in the Church and in the world. I have learned more through reading and prayer than I could have in the church. One day I hope I will find a good congregation to be a part of, but I fear in these last days deception will be even more prevalent and I may have to rely on a small group or family. But I want to thank you for putting this out there. Yeah, it’s King of the Hill, a ridiculous cartoon, but there is a nugget of truth in what is shown. I fear too many sheep are falling prey to wolves and have hardened their hearts to the truth…or God has made them believe a lie, just as He said He would. Thank you, and God bless those who will hear. Art


  2. Art,
    Thank you for commenting. I am sorry that your church experience was such that it has given you a bad taste for the church. I am glad that you are passionate for truth and fidelity in the church. However, I would strongly encourage you to proactively find a body of believers that most closely resembles the kind of biblical health you seek (even write about). The local church is clearly represented in scripture and it is that gathering we commanded not to forsake (Heb.10:19-24). Not that you ask for this, but be careful. Learn to love the church. It is a great form of corporate evangelism that we biblically love one another, and that is only as effective as our attendance and commitment to a local body of believers. No church is perfect, as you know, but there are many seeking. I encourage you to go to and do a “church search” and see if there is not a church in your area that may share your convictions for church health. Blessings.


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