Load up on Books for FIVE BUCKS…

For 2 Days ONLY, DesiringGod.org will be offering all of their books, bibles and study guides for $5 each with unlimited quantities. I was going to just purchase a bunch, but you’d be better served to go, look and purchase for yourself (Christmas in July?).  I do warn you, be ready to purchase when you logon because the website is really slow right now because of all the traffic related to this sale.

If you do go to the site, really look through all of the material because there is much more there than meets the eye. To be introduced to Piper’s writings, you might want to start with God is the Gospel or When I Don’t Desire God. If you want to take a bigger bite, then his Desiring God and Future Grace are good starts. As well, there is wonderful material on biblical manhood and womanhood. I would strongly recommend Foundations for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (by Grudem and Piper). From a mission’s perspective, there is little better out there than Let the Nations be Glad. One last suggestion… If you’d like to be introduced to Jonathan Edwards then purchase A God-Entranced Vision… which includes a chapter by Don Whitney (a former member of UBC who preached my installation service here).

I’m really not trying to be as heavy handed with Piper as it may appear. I have just been profoundly impacted by his writing because he has faithfully directed me either directly to the scriptures or to “dead guys” that take me to the scriptures in ways that contemporary writers just do not. I cannot help but simply want to share with you the joy of what I have discovered over the years.

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