A Few Sunday Evening Thoughts…

First of all…

I will be out of the office this week. I am working on my doctorate in Fort Worth this week. Although I’m a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, it is just easier to use Southwestern’s library due to the travel time and our families be accessible for their enjoyment. I will be available via email, or if you’d like to contact me via phone, please contact Diane in the office and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. I ask you to pray for me to have a fruitful time of writing, as well as still preparing for preaching next Sunday.

A New Term…

On the way to Fort Worth this afternoon I was listening to a character sketch of John Owen (the Puritan from the 1600’s) given by John Piper several years ago. Owen has been a “hero” of mine for quite some time. One of the characteristics of his preaching was a resolution to have personally tasted and practiced all that he preached. This made me think of a new, simple term “authentic exposition.” What I mean by this is that exposition itself is not enough. Honestly, words are part of my trade and I enjoy using them. It is an easy, fleshly tendency to feel that if the right words are said then the truth has been told. However, being diligent to taste and practice all the truth that one speaks is more laborious, and far more God-glorifying.

I ask you to pray that I would be faithful to AUTHENTIC EXPOSITION. “Authentic” because I want to be diligent to practice all that I deliver to you on Sundays. I know it will not be perfect, but I want to regularly be able to commend myself to anyone’s conscience for examination. “Exposition” because, as UBC has already tasted, this is the best and most fruitful regular diet of preaching for the body of Christ. There are other forms of preaching that have merit periodically, but not as the regular, steady diet.

I pray that the authenticity of our church would be realized by other members, visitors and former members alike. May the Word of God dwell in us richly, producing obedience that is an overflow of finding our greatest joy in Jesus Christ!

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