Day 2 & 3…or something like that!

Our “clocks” are a little off at this point, but we are all doing well.  The teams have now separated to different tasks.  It is so exciting to see the groundwork being laid for such a significant movement of God!  I look so forward to sharing more with you as a church in due time.  Many of you probably are not aware of just how significant this is, but it has far reaching effects and the opportunity to model what other church’s can do is great.  I am being veiled for a reason.  So, simply pray for us and our work.

I was informed that the vote did pass during the church conference on Sunday and that the AWANA awards program was a success.  I’m so thankful for Jason and his leadership this past year and all of you who have worked so diligently in the program.  I realize that the schedule change will mean that some will have to make significant adjustments in their involvement in many things and particularly AWANAs.  I hope and pray that the transition goes smoothly.  We, as a staff and church council, will make every effort to communicate clearly with you all and prepare you all for a great Fall.

With that, I ask you to begin praying now about our preparation for the Fall and your involvement.  We are going to need so many to step up and lead, but that is exciting.  What a joy that between Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Life Groups that we are going to need more people than ever to effectively build one another up into maturity in Christ Jesus.  Let’s let Ephesians 4:11-16 become our theme this summer as we prepare to equip and reach with greater effectiveness.

Lastly, and I’m sorry this is so scattered, I wanted to say that I’m aware that some of you voted against the change in schedule and I know what some of those reasons are.  I do want to hear more of your concerns as they may be able to help us put together the most accessible and best conducted ministries on these Wednesday nights.

God bless you all and I missed being with you yesterday, although I heard wonderful things about the service.  In that, I am grateful for such able laymen like Richey Miller who can take the Word of God and proclaim it for His Glory!  Thank you, Richey.



One thought on “Day 2 & 3…or something like that!

  1. Greetings from sunny (and partly on fire) Florida! Mike, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to talk with you during your layover in Chicago on Saturday, but I’m looking forward to hearing about how the trip went. Kristen and I will be praying for you and your team and also for Jan, Anna and Elizabeth that God would would sustain and comfort each of you in His all sufficient grace while you are away from one another.

    For His Name and His Glory Alone,



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