Abortion, Prenatal testing and the Glory of God

Today, Al Mohler has posted in his blog the issue surrounding prenatal testing and abortion. As he notes, within the past week it has come to light that over 90% of all babies diagnosed (through prenatal testing) with Downs-syndrome are now aborted. Mohler does a much better job than I could ever do in commenting on this, so please read his blog.

However, I would like to comment on this related to the Glory of God. As we studied this past Sunday morning, John the Baptist’s affection and exaltation of Christ began with his acknowledgement that everything a person has is from God (John 3:27). Therefore, John’s affection begins with an acknowledgement that God is indeed Sovereign. God’s sovereignty is so embattled even in the church today because we have catered to our “rights” as humans (maybe even moreso as Americans) to free will that is unchecked, uncontrolled and seemingly from an essentially good heart. The problem with this, of course, is that the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) and there are none that seek after God or are essentially “good” (Romans 3:9-11). So, the right of “choice” as it is called abort babies, especially those that we do not deem worthy of breath (like Downs syndrome), is nothing less than a slight against the glory of God in acknowledging His sovereignty.

The truth is, God is even in control of babies with Downs Syndrome. You do not have to search long or hard on the internet to find parents who have been richly blessed with children with Downs. We either believe in Psalm 139 or we do not. Either God is the sovereign God of creation or He is not. And even though He allows us the choice to express our evil, He is none the less master of every molecule, including the ones “gone wrong.” He is to be magnified in every way, including the (sometimes) difficult joy of raising a child with some form of disability. Even in our church, we have many who have had children with disabilities, and many who have had miscarriages, still births and other tragic events. And although there is great heartache involved, God blesses us still with seeing His beautiful hand in creation and putting his glory on display.

God does not need His sovereignty defended, because he simply is! However, if we just ignore the problem, and it is serious, then we are in danger of denying God’s glorious work, and showing a lack of satisfaction in Him. Let us commit to pray for those who still consider abortion an option. Let us pray for the souls of those who continue to perform abortions. Let us promote the sanctity of life as an apologetic for the gospel, because the same God who sovereignly gives birth is the same sovereign God that gives re-birth!

2 thoughts on “Abortion, Prenatal testing and the Glory of God

  1. I read Dr. Mohler’s blog and was equally disturbed on the aspect of “choosing” which child to let live by various traits down to and including hair color! His column was definitely informative, but I really appreciated your positioning the issue in reponse to God’s glory and the gospel. Although as you said God does not need His sovereignity defended, you did a masteful job of doing so and reminding us of who HE is and who we’re not!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Larry. Like other issues, this topic can spark so much heat and, in a way, it deserves it. There is a type of anger that is not sinful and the only way I know to guard that is to keep the zeal of our argument on the Gospel and its emphasis on the glory of God. Since we are to fight without “carnal” means, we must seek to emphasize the one that can change lives and perspectives with a new heart – namely, Christ.


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