Time for a little Q & A…

I would like for you all to start sending some theological questions my way. Periodically, there will be some short “lulls” between blogs and a great way to keep things moving would be for me to answer questions that you have. Just comment to this blog and submit your question. I’ll compile the list and along the way will pick some to answer. I do not presume to be the “answer man”. I simply know that as we continue to expose ourselves to the scriptures and as many of you are starting to read some of the “dead guys” that I treasure (as well as the few “alive” ones that I read), that some questions are going to arise. These questions need to be answered as a biblical community, and this is one way to answer them. Now, I may not choose to answer all of them online, because some may require that we be face to face when the answers are given.

Well, there ya’ go! Go to it.

Another thing…

Al Mohler’s BLOG today is very good. He comments on the modern-day heresies related to making God gender-neutral and the extent that some are going to make this so.

2 thoughts on “Time for a little Q & A…

  1. Pastor,

    I am not sure that this is the type of Theological question that you wanted but it is a question that I have. In the 7th chapter of Acts Stehpen appears to be giving a chronology of events in the hisory of Israel. In verse 25 it says that “Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to resucue them but they did not. ” My queestion is this ………I did not think that at this time in the chronology of events that God had spoken to Moses yet to give him his charge to help rescue his people. Maybe I am missing something.

    Gary McElhaney


  2. Gary,
    Thanks for the question. Exodus 2 does not give any indication that God had spoken to Moses at this point, but he obviously had realized his true heritage early on. In Acts 7, the point of the statement made my Stephen is just showing how Christ has been in their history throughout the scripture and he really does not indicate that Moses had been spoken to. He simply states what Exodus 2 states which seems to indicate that Moses thought that others would see that he was identified with them and could deliver them, but his means (violence / defense) was not God’s design for him. Moses seemed to presume that this would be a near heroic act that would communicate something to the people. Instead, it confused them and removed him from favor with the Egyptians, which certainly was all within God’s greater design.


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