Something a little lighter…

Many of you know that I believe in the total depravity of mankind. This means we needed a new nature (new creation / new birth) because there is not one molecule of goodness in us that is redeeming. We need Christ’s righteousness to replace our self-righteousness. Well, that being true most of you also know that I favor authors / pastors like John Piper, R.C. Sproul, Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney, John MacArthur and Al Mohler. If you’ll play the video below you will see these two worlds of mine clash together to form something rather amusing. Enjoy and if it just doesn’t make sense as to why this is funny, just chalk it up to your pastor needing to relax as much as anybody!

3 thoughts on “Something a little lighter…

  1. What a hoot the video was – thanks! I too love to listen to your listed theologians, esp R.C. Sproul and John McArthur. I believe that total depravity is truth – from personal experience. I heard a good msg recently that touched on Arminianism vs Calvinism and the Five Points, and the link is on Col 1:21-29. Listen and see in which camp you find yourself. The speaker says that he is in the camp of ‘abide-inest’ (Jn 15); I like appreciate this perspective.
    As visitors to UBC for the past two months Mike, my wife and I love your John series, and pray that God will continue to bless you and UBC. May His msgs through you reach those all need changed hearts.


  2. I believe this reveals a few things about our Pastor….. Let’s just say too “bad” Micheal Jackson didn’t mean “bad” in the since that Mr. Piper did…


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