A Vision for Effective Ministry

This past Sunday night I introduced (in part) a ministry plan to the church body that could help us organize the ministries of the church to be better stewards of our resources and time. We only began the discussion. The next several Sunday nights will be devoted to further discussion on the ministry plan, a proposed ministry schedule and a plan on how we will prepare ourselves to get a much greater percentage of our body involved in ministry leadership.

The ministry plan we began discussing (for those of you not there) is simple and if you’ve navigated our new website you have begun to get the idea already. There is nothing essentially biblical about constructing a ministry plan, but there is much (in scripture) on being good stewards of the gospel in the local church and every member in the local church getting involved, employing their spiritual gifts and passions. From my observation, we are very similar to most other churches and that is we have about 20% of our active congregation actually serving, and too often in multiple positions.

My vision in all of this is not the construction of a ministry plan or the changing of our schedule. My vision is for effective ministry. And my vision for effective ministry is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed, heard, seen and lived out in the simplest, most God-glorifying way possible. Bottom line, I just want us to be faithful and with all that we have been blessed with, our responsibility to be faithful is great.

I look forward to our further discussions on these issues. Also, let me assure that although I lay this before you, the staff has been involved all along the way in formulating these things and we want all of your input on these Sunday nights so that we can more effectively help equip you for the works of ministry to the glory of God. If you have time, go back and read through Ephesians 4 in its entirety. If you have ever wondered what my philosophy of ministry is, you will find it there.

On Another Note…

Be sure to check out Al Mohler’s Blog today. He gives an exceptional commentary (as always) regarding a phenomenon in Great Britain with an unusual number of doctors refusing to perform abortions.

One thought on “A Vision for Effective Ministry

  1. Pastor Mike:

    I am so excited with the way things are progressing at UBC. I am also excited to hear the changes that are coming. Please remember that their are many of us teaching in awanas on Sunday evenings that will not be able to hear you speak about ministry changes. Will there be a time that we will be able to hear about the upcoming plans?

    Rhonda Landreth


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